Brittany Ballard is a dog trainer focused on helping canines and their humans find common ground. Through patience and understanding comes clarity. Brittany believes there is hope for just about every dog and almost any problem behavior.

Growing up, Brittany has volunteered at two local veterinary offices, as well as trained her own personal dogs. Her claim to fame was teaching her Labradors to play hide and seek with her three younger siblings on 2.5 acre property. Brittany was inspired to become a dog trainer due to her own dogs being placed in shelters when they did not behave. Determined not to lose another dog and to help families stay together, Brittany entered the dog training industry.

 Brittany has been in the industry professionally since 2017. During that time she has earned three dog training certifications as well as a Canine Good Citizen title on her Siberian husky before he was a year old. She is in the process of pursuing a Tricks Title and Agility Title. She has graduated hundreds of dogs and has received many overwhelmingly positive reviews. Brittany is determined to constantly seek for new information to help her better help her community and is always open and fair to those who meet her. 

She currently has two dogs:
A 5-year-old female German Shepherd named Zelda, and a 2-year-old male Siberian Husky named Link. 

Beckman's Training Academy (2017)

Petsmart Pet Training Academy(2018)

Method K9's Shadow Program (2020)

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